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how to purge uid <-> username mapping cache...

Can anyone tell me how to prevent the following from happening?  When we add
a new account, mail sent by that account has a from address of
uid#9999@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu until a new router process is started.  As if
that isn't bad enough, replies to this address get bounced as an unknown
user.  How can I tell router not to cache the passwd database and let the OS
do the caching?


Andy Poling                              Internet: andy@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu
UNIX Systems Programmer                  Bitnet: ANDY@JHUNIX
Homewood Academic Computing              Voice: (410)516-8096    
Johns Hopkins University                 UUCP: uunet!mimsy!aplcen!jhunix!andy