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Re: .forward files no longer work, life with a trapdoor setuid() [SysV]

In   <93Jan2.165904est.88093@thor.tjhsst.edu>  you write:
| 	Along a possibly similar note, since we installed Zmailer, .forward
| files in users' home directories are not recognized at all. I'm not exactly
| sure if this behavior was evident before I hacked mailbox, but now it's very
| certainly there. Can anyone suggest either a fix or a place to look to find
| the problem?

If you're using nfs to mount home directories, be aware that a hard mount
to a downed machine will freeze router while it waits to read said .forward
file.  I replaced .forwards with a shell script that mails me entries to
put into the aliases file, all pre-tested and rady to go.   Then I had
to educate my whole usr community, of course (:-().

Still, it's better than no mail because somebody's disk went down!