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Re: zmailer2.2 router memory leak

In   <92Nov27.203151eet.10344-2@utu.fi>  you write:
| > Has anyone else out there been experiencing problems with a memory leak in
| > the router on sun4c running SunOS4.1.1?
| > 
| > The symptom being that the router eventually takes up all the available
| > memory on the system. :(
|   Yes, it does exist - also SunOS4.1.2 on   Sun4/630MP.

|   I think it has been also with 1.x versions.

  A common cause of monotonically growing routers is a looping message and
its error message.  If you start a loop either in routing a message or
reporting an error in it, the number of headers grows very large.
As all headers are kept in a memory structure, this causes sudden bloat!

  After 17 detectable loops or 100-odd (?) hops, the growth stops.

  I used to see this with 1.2 and still do when I botch things on a 2.x
system and start sending myself mail (:-))