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Re: zmailer2.2 router: memory leak

> Has anyone else out there been experiencing problems with a memory leak in
> the router on sun4c running SunOS4.1.1?
> The symptom being that the router eventually takes up all the available
> memory on the system. :(

  Yes, it does exist - also SunOS4.1.2 on   Sun4/630MP.

> I seem to be experiencing this problem with all 2.x versions.

  I think it has been also with 1.x versions.
Nope, I haven't had any router with exploded memory usage available.
.. No, I take that back, I will  have a few tomorrow. (or by monday anyway)
It just takes about 50 minutes cpu-time on router to grow its private memory
to circa 6 M.  Normal memory usage is 400-500 k.
It asks for a peculiar address I guess, soon I will know..

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> Edwin Allum
> CSRI, University of Toronto
> Internet: edwin@csri.toronto.edu, edwin@cs.toronto.edu

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi>