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another problem with 2.99.52pre3

Hi (again)... 
I know it could be a bit boring.. but I've got another little problem.. 
Well... .forward'fing is not working.

[shon@devil|~]# echo "mad@pin.pl" > .forward                               
[shon@devil|~]# cat .forward                                               
[shon@devil|~]# ls -l .forward                                             
-rw-r--r--  1 shon  users  11 Nov 13 02:54 .forward

Well it should work, am I right ? And It was woring till I've upgraded to
newest cvs version.
Now it's not working !! :(((

For sure, I've removed whole zmailer, left only stuff from $MAILSHARE/db/
(only text files, not databeses).
And it didn't helped. Still not working.
What's more interesting... it's working only for two accounts, root's one, and
mine (mad).

However when I've added user shon to gropu wheel, it didn't hepled... so this
isn't a problem of group... but I don't know what couses this problem... :(((

Oh.. and now system is running like normal so without that 2 scheduler
processes etc. (just like any other zmailer).

*G*... I'm tired of all this stuff with zmailer, chroot etc... night :)

        Tomasz Bojakowski

/================="Don't get mad, get even."=================\
||              Tomasz "Mad Karrde" Bojakowski              ||
||   tel. +48603081163 , mad@pin.pl , mad@anakata.art.pl    ||