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router problem


I have discovered a message which kills my router process
when placed in $POSTOFFICE/router directory. Router called
with trace option enabled ("-t all") produces following 
output on this message, just before coredump:

  search_res: deferred: [poloralphlauren.com>, <user@another.server>,\
  [...] <the@last.address>]/any (unknown server/no recovery) error
  defer='NS:[poloralphlauren.com>, <user@another.server>, [...]\

My routes crashes, when the entire address list is more than 8184
bytes long. 

Perhaps the problem is caused by buffer size limitation 
(BUFSIZ=8192 on my system) in function search_res() defined 
in router/libdb/bind.c, or the reason the function is called 
with large parameter.

Artur Urbanowicz