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Re: router problem

At 06:04 PM 09/02/99 +0100, you wrote:
>What can cause that problem?
>Message from syslogd@star at Tue Feb  9 18:00:06 1999 ...
>star router[2312]: zmailer: interpret: recursed more than 40 levels deep
>on invocation!  script termination condition error ?

Look in your $POSTOFFICE/router directory for a hyphenated file name...
ie) 12345-5555
then 'mv' that (or those) files out of the way.  These files are what the
outer(s) were working on at the time they died.  
Then scrutinize the "to <" line(s).  They will contain bastardized
addresses hat break the router.  You can fix them manually, and reinsert
them into POSTOFFICE/router.

Are you running pre-s11?

As Matti has suggested before,  you can also run an interactive router:

# $MAILBIN/router -i
z# rtrace
z# process 12345-5555
debug output leading to boom.