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Re: ESMTP header (Hdr220)

Hi Matti,

> > To start ESMTP session, some clients (i.e., Postfix) want to see
> > "ESMTP" word in 220 initial server reply.

>     Sigh...  All that is against RFC 1869 part 4 ...

Yes, but it is a fact :-). And some server administrators may wish to 
take it in account.

>     Nowhere in these is a note telling that one should do
>     EHLO protocol only when word "ESMTP" is present in the
>     initial greeting message.  Do note that even though
>     ZMailer smtp transport-agent has '-E' option to behave
>     in that manner, it is *not* a per default active mode.

Well, but somewhy you did this -E option :-) Seems, other existing 
SMTP clients have it hardcoded. I found this problem when playing with 

========= begin smtp_proto.c

  } else if (strcasecmp(word, "ESMTP") == 0)
    state->features |= SMTP_FEATURE_ESMTP;

* Return the compliment. Fall back to SMTP if our ESMTP recognition
* heuristic failed.
if (state->features & SMTP_FEATURE_ESMTP) {
  smtp_chat_cmd(state, "EHLO %s", var_myhostname);
  if ((resp = smtp_chat_resp(state))->code / 100 != 2)
    state->features &= ~SMTP_FEATURE_ESMTP;
if ((state->features & SMTP_FEATURE_ESMTP) == 0) {
  smtp_chat_cmd(state, "HELO %s", var_myhostname);