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Re: SSL/TLS client?

Matti writes:

> Also, I think I (or some other contributor) need to write a ZFILE*
> abstraction which can do at least all buffered write things what
> fwrite()/putc()/fputs() (and possibly fprintf()) use.
> Adding there then a method to hook on arbitary backend stream (e.g.
> thin wrapper to use write(2) to a fd, or SSL_write() to a SSL object,
> or ..) would make it pretty generic.

One fruitful way to do this would be to change zmailer
to use AT&T's sfio library instead of stdio.
Sfio supports "disciplines", which should make SSL integration easy,
and has other benefits, in particular speed and portability.
It would also help eliminate some old less-than-elegant code,
such as the "sio" stuff in the router.