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51-pre2 and 51pre3

Dear Colleagues,

we upgraded from 50s18 to 51pre2 last week (Solaris2.6, gcc2.7.2) due
to ORBS but with 51pre2 our db/fullnames.pag/dir are ignored although we
rebuild the database with the current release and they worked fine
together with 50s18. Any hints?

BtW, I cannot write directly to this list, because of
<smtp nic.funet.fi zmailer@nic.funet.fi 60001>: ...\
        <<- RCPT To:<zmailer@nic.funet.fi> ORCPT=rfc822;zmailer@nic.funet.fi
        ->> 553 5.7.1 Policy analysis reported: See
http://www.orbs.org/blocked.cgi. Your mailserver is in the ORBS database as an
insecure email relay. This is a generic text message.
but, Matti, we are not blocked by orbs since friday.

Because of many truncated router files I am searching for 51pre3 as
announced at the beginning of this week but I cant find it on
Maybe I am just to blind to see but I only find
zmailer-2.99.51-pre2.tar.gz  .
Any hints too?

Thanks and regards,
 Dipl.-Ing. Juergen Maniera

 Universitaet-GH Paderborn          Tel.: (+49) (0)5251 60-3326 
 FB 17, AG Softwaretechnik / IRB    Fax:  (+49) (0)5251 60-3714    
 D-33095 Paderborn                  email: sammy@uni-paderborn.de 
 Raum: E3.125                       http://www.uni-paderborn.de/cs/sammy.html