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Re: s18 and SSL/TLS

> >   Did you create your own certificates per that referred document ?
> > Those certificates will appear to your home directory, if that is
> > where you run the CA.pl script -- propably it just uses current chdir..
> > I did create the certificate by running CA.pl, while I was in my home
> > directory.
> 	I run CA.pl script from OpenSSL library home dir
> (/usr/local/lib/openssl on my machine).  But I cann't undestand how I
> can get my own demoCA/cacert.pem file.  Myabe I must use demoCA/cacert
> file from standart distibution of openssl library?

  That referred document (not mine, but that URL inside it) does tell
you to (by recollection):
	- create your own CA key
	- sign your own CA key (or was this in it?)
	- create the application key
	- sign the application key with your CA key

Perhaps I should rewrite that document into single concise one, but
that has to wait a few days..

> --
> 	CU, Victor Gamov

  /Matti Aarnio