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Re: encryption / export regulations

> Hey,
> Let me introduce myself - I'm currently packaging the ZMailer Server for use
> in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. I'm living in Europe, though we're
> based in the US.
> So my question is: would you (Matti) mind if I remove any encryption code
> from the ZMailer before distributing it (ouch, that raises the question
> whether it is allowed to export a diff.gz file which removes the encryption
> code from the original source), if (and that's the 2nd question) that isn't
> too difficult to do ?

	I could create a 'make dist-usa' command which creates a
	distribution without that hook code, however that contains
	source scrambling with  sed,  and the result is .. urgh..
	destructive...     The code (in my work tree) is now equipped
	with tags to allow that sed processing.

	Getting rid of the 'forbidden' stuff support in the configure.in
	would be rather difficult, though.

> Another option (for Debian) is to move the ZMailer to our non-US servers
> (based in the Netherlands) which resolves this issue, but I don't know if
> -I- want to do that or in that case remove ZMailer from Debian entirely
> (but that's a personal issue for me).
> Waiting is,
>  -Remco

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>