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Re: Zmailer and Qmail are not fully compatible ...

Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
> > I think some additional work with tcpdump/tcpshow is in order.
> > (tcpshow is something that'll run tcpdump and show the tcp connection
> > fairly nicely.  Easy to find on the net, I guess, but if anyone wants
> > the source I can supply it.)
>    This happens when sending client is DEC Tru64 and Linux 2.2.6-ac1.
>    and 2.2.1 ...  I don't think the problem is at sender's TCP stack.

No, that's just my debugging style. tcpshow, strace, ltrace, that sort
of thing.  Collect data about what happens, then compare the code
against the log.  Bottom-up debugging.

I'm not terribly skilled in the arts of SMTP, but for a couple of
other protocols I've messed with, tcpdump/tcpshow have been useful
tools.  So I tried.

Sending all this in one packet as soon as the connection was opened
(breaking the rules) to mailhost.temex.fr:

EHLO lupinella.troll.no
MAIL From:<matti.aarnio@sonera.fi> BODY=8BITMIME
RCPT To:<hugues.dugres@temex.fr>
RCPT To:<hugues.dugres@temex.fr>
RCPT To:<hugues.dugres@temex.fr>
RCPT To:<hugues.dugres@temex.fr>

gave me, according to tcpshow, first this reply

452 Requested action not taken, Insufficient storage .

and 0.15 seconds later -another- packet saying

220 mailhost.temex.fr ESMTP.

After that, nothing more.  (If anyone wants to see, I have the
entire connection logged.)

I venture to guess that mailhost.temex.fr has a configuration problem.