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Re: configuration question (spam related)

> After the long weekend, of course, the first thing I notice is the
> bulkload of spam in my admin mailbox, plus some others.
> I noticed some spammer using both a MAIL FROM and a RCPT TO address
> in my domain, which would allow the spam to pass through into my site.
> Fortunately, the spam was trapped because of some other anti-spam
> kludges in the code.

	Hmm... The RCPT TO to your site should be all that is
	needed for delivering to your system...

> So I wonder, is it possible to configure ZMailer to not accept any
> MAIL FROM address in my domain if the mail comes from the outside?
> Or is it not possible at the moment?

	Adding "rejectsource +" to the source domain you don't want
	to accept is an option.  That is a part of SPAM mechanisms.

	For most users rejecting their own domain when input via
	SMTP is not *quite* doable thing, but you may be the rare

	A way out of possible "I want to submit to that host with
	my PC SMTP client" problem is that "fullstrustnet +" for
	the source *IP-address* overrides the "rejectsource +" test.

	You can also use "freezesource +" attribute in place of
	"rejectsource +", in case you are curious of what people
	try to feed to you.

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