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Hi all.

It's better late than never. I have understood: all dial-up users 
invoking uucico must be in Zmailer 'trusted' group. And now it works.

NB: open-source software is 200% documented in reality. And that's 
great! :-). "man router" says only that 'uucp' user must be trusted.

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From:           listman@cpr.cor.neva.ru (Alexey Lobanov)
Date sent:      Thu, 5 Nov 1998 15:50:03 MSK-3MSD
Subject:        UUCP and MAIL FROM:


I use Zmailer as MTA at a Linux host with some UUCP "downlinks".
The minor problem is that any mail being sent from UUCP is owned by 
respective "UUCP login" pseudo-user. I.e., if 
somebody@subdomain.cor.neva.ru sends UUCP message to world, and his 
UUCP logs in as uusubdomainfakeuser, Zmailer says

MAIL FROM:<uusubdomainfakeuser@atrium.cor.neva.ru>

instead of

MAIL FROM:<somebody@subdomain.cor.neva.ru>

Respectively, any errors are returned to this MAIL FROM. Of course, 
it is aliased to <postmaster@subdomain.cor.neva.ru> now.

The nature of problem is clear: rmail looks on his UID when giving
message to Zmailer. But what is the solution? UUCP is Taylor's.