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Re: Qmail or Zmailer

In message <19990204023650.5BEF355373@dana.oz.net>you write:
>Zmailer, if I'm not mistaken, has been developed paying special attention to t
>he need to move huge amounts of mail on some systems.

While workload issues have always been important to zmailer, the primary
design criterion was the need to support, in a flexible way, a great number
of different and sometimes bizarre mechanisms for sending and receiving email.
These days, people are almost always interested in SMTP alone, but when
zmailer was designed, many other weird and wonderful ways of moving email
from point A to point B were alive and well, and thus zmailer has the
innate ability to be extended in correspondingly weird and wonderful ways.

>If you have a question, or find something that you think is wrong with qmail, 
>you'll probably send the author, Dan something or other, off the deep end, ran
>ting all the way.

Dan Bernstein can be, um, "difficult".  I would describe him as a man with a
remarkably strong opinion of his own correctness. If a mailer similar in
philosophy to qmail is desired, but without Bernstein attached, Venema's
postfix is now available.


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