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Re: Help with open relay needed

> we thought for a long time that our system (uni-paderborn.de) is fixed
> against third party relay, e.g. see the test at
> http://maps.vix.com/tsi/ar-test.html   .
> Now we got surprised that we can not pass the test that ORBS.org 
> is doing and that we are now to be found on some blacklist :-(

Not your case, but there also seems to be a Bad Thing(tm) in the default
configuration.  It is "relaycustomer +" in the "_full_rights" definition.
It makes possible unsolicited relaying if the malicious spammer sends
you "mail from:" with your own domain.  It seems that "relaycustomer"
must not be used in any normal situation.  It rarely is of any usefulness,
and *always* opens a nasty hole for the spammers to creep in...