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[ZMailer] Zmailer CVS down ? SPF2 autoconf build issue!


Is Matti aware that the CVS server is down, however RSYNC is working ok.

$ cvs -d :pserver:cvs@anoncvs.zmailer.org:/cvsroot checkout zmailer
Fatal error, aborting.
cvs: no such system user

Also what is the recommended implementation of SPF2 to use ?  There is 
libspf2-1.x libspf2-2.x and libspf_alt.  If you configure and install 
this library on a Linux system it ends up in /usr/local/.

The ./configure for zmailer doesn't fully detect the existence of SPF2; 
it knows that spf2 is in /usr/local I can see that detected but it 
doesn't setup the appropriate config.h setting for the header file 
#include to use:


Due to the existence of /usr/local/include/spf2/spf.h.  I also can not 
find how or where the autoconf performs detection of this, is this 
implied by the existence of the define in config.h.in ?  I can see a 
shell variable $ac_cv_header__usr_local_include_spf2_spf_h in 
./configure but not being an autoconf expert I don't know how this gets 

Due to this the build fails at smtpserver where is it used.



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