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ZMailer's scheduler and Linux's INOTIFY?


I've been thinking about a nice new feature of Linux 2.6.x, that
is the INOTIFY interface.  Scheduler's job is to periodicaly scan
whole a lot of directories (2^26+1 assuming SCHEDULERDIRHASH=2).

The idea of INOTIFY is that instead of checking directories
(or files) for changes periodically, one may inform the kernel
about inodes its interested in (in scheduler's case, these would
be queue subdirectories), and from time to time request
a list of changes in these directories seen by the kernel.
This saves a lot of readdirs, and may improve scheduler's
scalability on heavily loaded (io-bound) systems.


Is it a thing worth pursuing?  How do you think?  Or maybe even
someone has researched the problem already?

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