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Re: ESMTP in banner query ?

Darryl Miles wrote:
> Why does ZMailer's SMTP TA by default presume ESMTP mode is available,
> disregarding the ESMTP string sequence in banner check ?
> Is this not an RFC mandated requirement, or has that RFC been superseded
> now ?

If I understand correctly, this is the way suggested in the ESMTP RFC.
Checking for "ESMTP" string in the 220 banner is rather a hack used by
Sendmail and some others.  ESMTP capable server is not required to
output "ESMTP" string in the banner, so if you use this hack, you may
end up talking SMTP to servers that support ESMTP.  Not a problem, but
somewhat a nuisance.

> I notice there is the -E option to the SMTP TA to re-enable this check
> and act accordingly.  Are there any known implications to doing this ?

Apparently -E enables the aforementioned hack.


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