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SMTP server id generation uniqueness ?

It is allowed and valid for two messages to get the same SMTP generated 
id ?  In this case 'S263499AbWFUJtA', I just wanted to confirm that the 
id is simply a reference token to co-ordinating logged data and not 
something the mail system uses internally and expects to be unique.

Here are two session, with extra spaces added to show them overlapping 
better that generated the same SMTP id.

UJs4Agd0004w    250 2.0.0 accepted; S263499AbWFUJtA
UJs4Agd0004#    000-S263499AbWFUJtA: 14320 bytes

UJszAgg0005w    250 2.1.0 Sender syntax Ok;
UJszAgg0005#    000--- pipeline input exists 6 bytes
UJszAgg0005r    RCPT TO:<uuuu@ddddddddddddddd.ddd>
UJszAgg0005w    250 2.1.5 Ok; can accomodate 7236 byte message for 
UJszAgg0005r    DATA
UJszAgg0005w    354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
UJszAgg0005w    250 2.0.0 accepted; S263499AbWFUJtA
UJszAgg0005#    000-S263499AbWFUJtA: 6850 bytes
UJszAgg0005r    QUIT

UJs4Agd0004#    000-Session closed w/o QUIT; read() errno=0

This is also an interesting SPAM approach, the not sending a QUIT.  Hmm 
how many legitimate SMTP clients do that ?  One red star to you Mr.

Darryl L. Miles

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