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SELFADDRESSES parsing problem


I'm using version 2.99.57-pre4 on a Solaris 9 SPARC and I have found a
problem when using IP addresses in the SELFADDRESSES zenv variable.

The documentation says that IP addresses should be enclosed in []. e.g.


The code in /lib/selfaddrs.c stashmyaddress(host) that presents these
addresses to inet_pton carefully moves the pointer after the opening "["
or "[IPv6:" - but it fails to remove the trailing "]".  This trailing
"]" causes inet_pton to fail, or at least the version of inet_pton on
Solaris 9 fails, perhaps the implementations on other platforms are more
tolerant of a trailing "]".

The result is that the specified SELFADDRESSES addresses are ignored and
so are not eliminated from MX lookups.

Here is a patch, I've tested it for the IPv4 case.


Paul Overell         Internet Platform Development Manager, Thus plc