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EMAIL: frank_hammer05@yahoo.com
Dear friend

Re: Transfer of [$18,000.000.Eigteen million US dollars
We want to transfer to overseas {$18,000,000] eighteen
Million United States dollars from Ecobank International Bank
Nig Plc.I would like, if you will be capable and fit to
Provide either an existing Bank account or to set up a new
Bank account immediately to receive this money, even an
Empty account can serve to receive this money, as long
As you will remain honest to me till the end of this
Important business transaction.

I want to believe that you will never let me down either
Now or in future. I am Mr. Frank Smith Director of Accounts
Department of Eco International Bank plc, during the course
Of our auditing I discovered a floating fund in an account
Opened with our Bank in 2000 and since 2002 nobody has
Operated on this account again, after going through some old
Files in the records I discovered that the owner of the
Account died without a heir hence the money is floating
And if I do not remit this money out urgently it will be
Forfeited for nothing.

The owner of this account was Engr. Anthony Larsen, a
National of your country, and an Industrialist, he died since
2002 and no other person knows about this account or anything
Concerning it, the account has no beneficiary and my
Investigation proved to me as well that Engr. Anthony larsen
Until his death was a Manager with an oil firm in Nigeria.
I am contacting you as a foreigner because this Money can only
be approved to a foreigner with a Foreign account because the
Money is in us dollars and the former owner of the account
Engr. Anthony Hamill is a foreigner.
I am revealing all this to you with the belief that
You will never let me down in this business, you are
The first and the only person I am contacting for the
Business so Please reply urgently for me to tell you
The next Step to take.

You should forward your telephone/fax numbers and your
Residential address, which is also needed. You will have
To give me the assurance when we meet that this money
Will be intact pending our physical arrival in your
Country for sharing and disbursement of the fund which
Will be 35% for your assistance, 60% will be for us while
5% will be set aside to take care of all the
Expenses that will be incurred by both parties during
The course of the transfer.

I look forward to your earliest response through my
alternative email address below (frank_hammer05@yahoo.com)
For security reasons.
Yours faithfully,
Frank Smith.