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Problem with localidentity

We had problems with the configuration of a specified identity in
scheduler.conf (-L switch). The smtp ta transport agent didn't get the
address we wanted it to bind to, so the connection source was always that of
the default interface.

The problem, at least for this instalation, was in the zgetbindaddr.c. In
line 102 we had to comment out the "and" clause:

# diff zgetbindaddr.c zgetbindaddr.c.ORI 
<       } else if (*bindspec == '[' /* PERT-NB && !af */ ) {
>       } else if (*bindspec == '[' && !af) {

And now, everything it's ok!.

We are running version 2.99.57.pre3 #1: Wed Jun  8 18:11:25 ART 2005 on a
Linux 2.6.11-1.27_FC3 host.


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