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sleepycat db vs db3 vs db4 vs ...

In recent Slackware, you can install a few versions of Sleepycat db,
including db3 and db4.  If you install both, libdb is a symlink to
libdb-3.3, and db.h is a symlink to db3/db.h.

Zmailer checks existence of db.h, db3/db.h and db4/db.h.  It then tries
to use the "most recent" .h file, in my case db4/db.h (see code in
include/sleepycatdb.h), but *always* links against "libdb".  This
results, in my case, in the use of db4's header against db3's library.
This does not work (db_create() retrns EINVAL).

For now, I'll just get rid of db4, but generally, there should be a way
to cope with such discrepancy...  Maybe manual control over with DB
version to use, or something.  Maybe just don't try to be smart and
don't use dbN/db.h if there is plain db.h?


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