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router does not check routes.db?

Hi Matti,

I am upgrading from 2.99.55-patch1 to 2.99.57.pre3 and some things do not
work as expected.

In 2.99.55-patch1 (without fqdnroutes) I handle users over quota 
(max mailbox size) and disabled users the folowing way:

in fqdnaliases:
user1@my.domain:		user1@nosuchuser.my.domain
user2@my.domain:		user2@overquota.my.domain

in routes:
.nosuchuser.my.domain:	error!nosuchuser
.overquota.my.domain:	error!overquota

and in server.cf a three line patch to handle error!overquota

I noticed that in 2.99.57.pre3 when smtpserver (router-enabled) invokes
the router it does not check routes.db and returns: 
250 2.0.0 Ok (routing verified)
therefore accepting the message, while in 2.99.55-patch1 it returns:
554 5.0.0 account over quota:... without accepting the message.

By the way, router -i resolves the address user2@my.domain correctly to
(((error overquota user2@overquota.my.domain g1)))

Now in 2.99.57.pre3 I do:

in fqdnroutes:
user1@my.domain:	error!nosuchuser
user2@my.domain:	error!overquota

plus the three line patch in server.cf
and everything(?) seems to be fine...

Is this the right way to do it in 2.99.57.pre3?


Rodolfo Cossalter
Universidad de Buenos Aires
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