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Re: Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy

Roy Bixler wrote:
> I'm just curious about whether anyone has experience with Anti-Spam
> SMTP Proxy.  From what I gather, it is an open source SMTP proxy
> written in Perl which purports to work with any mail server (even some
> of the non-SMTP ones.)  The project page is here:
> http://assp.sourceforge.net/
> It looks like an intriguing idea and that it would be easier to
> implement than a content filter at the "smtpserver" level.  But are
> there any pitfalls to mind?

>From my experience, all smtp proxies have problems.  Either SMTP AUTH is
lacking, or SSL support, or something else...

On the other hand, you might want to look at my "zmscanner" content
filter here: http://www.average.org/zmscanner/


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