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Re: Patch for peer review

Darryl L. Miles wrote:

> policytest.c: From looking over the SPF2 API I think there is a missing 
> SPF_free_c_results() needed in a minor error condition.  Also in looking 
> at the #warning the spf_localpolicy is set from cfgread.c.  It was 
> possible for smtpserver.conf to not have any spf-localpolicy 
> configuration directive in smtpserver.conf but initialize_spf() to be 
> called (due to SPF + in policy file) in this situation an unsafe 
> free(NULL) may result.  I can't see any reason why we should worry about 
> releasing this piece memory so just removing the lines seems fine to me.

SPF related part looks OK for me from the first glance; I did not really 
check it though...


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