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Re: virtuser and passwd

On 02-03-2005 at 12:38:19AM +0200, Matti Aarnio wrote:
> The   doc/guides/virtusers   is rather old document, and
> there are many new ways to do it.
> Presently I am doing it with:
> a)  fqdnaliases    mapping  user1@domain1 to some other
>                    local or remote addresses
> b)  routes         telling that for domain1 is invalid:
>                        domain1   error!novirtuser!-

Why You use "error!novirtuser!-", what is difference with
"error!novirtuser" ?

> c)  localnames     NOT listing   domain1  in it
> d)  smtp-policy.mx DOES list     domain1  in it!
>      (but letting "I handle all where I am MX" - in smtp-policy.src
>       boilerplate, will also do it, although is subject to DNS working
>       and having suitable data.)
> e)  Smtpserver running with interactive router subsystem
> f)    zmailer.conf   SMTPOPTIONS="-s strict -s ftve ..."
> g)  in  smtpserver.conf  the HELO-patterns must also have 'ft'
>     letters in them.

Why You write options "ftve" twice (once in zmailer.conf and second in
smtpserver.conf)? Isn't it this same?
You use in smtpserver.c first getopt() and after this readcffile().
So if You use:
f)    zmailer.conf   SMTPOPTIONS="-s strict -s ftve ..."
and in smtpserver.conf You use:
\[*\]                * ftveR
*                    * ftveR
the options server will be using come from smtpserver.conf (ftveR) IMHO.

Best regards,

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