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Re: smtpserver bind() query and logfile problems

Matti Aarnio wrote:

>>I have added SPF support into this rebuild of zmailer, there is a 
>>duplicate section in the stock smtpserver.conf file, that maybe 
>>confusing to first timers.  On a technical note (I should start a new 
>>thread on this) I would also like to ability to promote ~all into -all 
>>for a white-list of domains I can set, or work it the other way and have 
>>another "spf-threshold" param for my local whitelist that I can set to 
> I do think that ball is for Eugene Crosser and Igor Milyakov..

As to the duplicate block, I did not notice when it appeared.  Maybe 
better remove redundant elements...

As to the local whitelist, I *think* that it where localpolicy comes 
into play, but I never got deep enough to understand how it works.  Igor 
added support for localpolicy, so presumably he can answer this one.


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