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in previous versions we used authentication 
like is descripted in this old smtpserver.conf sample
PARAM  MSA-mode        # Message Submission Agent mode. Require
#                       # successful user authentication during SMTP
#                       # sessions initiated from outside of the trusted
#                       # networks or the networks with relaying enabled
#                       # (see "fulltrustnet" and "relaycustnet" in
#                       # smtp-policy.src file).

having this and "smtp-auth" was enough.

The problem we have now is that if MSA mode is enabled 
(via MSA-mode keyword or BindSubmit ) then we cant avoid
authentication from fulltrustnet networks.
The answer is always:
503 5.5.1 Hello [], In SUBMISSION mode must authenticate first!

Is this something we doing wrong?

Thanks ....
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