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LDAP db module

This has been sitting around collecting dust for too long. Release
early, release often they say.

My new LDAP db module now can access most/all of the features available
from the OpenLDAP client libraries. SASL binds, ability to use TLS,
including client certificate for authentication and more. 

The configuration system has changed, a relation can be configured via
two configuration files (ie one being site wide used by all relations),
as well as using a "subtype".

It is unclear to me how well everything else supports it, but this now
returns a list of values. Playing around with router, it seems that this
is smashed into a string somewhere, help/advice to get this to do the
right thing would be appreciated.

Concerning retries, it will currently retry the given search 5 times,
then rebind and start retrying the search again. It will attempt 5
rebinds, ie 25 total retries before giving up.

Source, and a quick guide is at http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~jeffw/zm/

Comments, advice, etc would be appreciated.

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