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Re: [zmailer-list] Wildcard aliases and redirect to /dev/null

* maHo (lukasz@mach.com.pl) wrote:
> yes. add entry in /etc/mail/db/fqdnaliases
> @yourdomain.com:      yourrealemail@yourdomain.com

Yes, but that makes it too broad. I want to be able to do this for more than
one user.

What hit me is that I can do this with a wildcarded DNS entry for my domain
and instead make the address look like:


I tried this and added a line to db/routes like

.karinsberg.fi	 local!

It works but apparently it bypasses my procmail (probably due to local!). I've
tried to figure out how I could get it delivered in the normal way so that it
would use my procmail but documentation for db/routes is kind of sparse. Is
there any more complete reference available for configuring routes or perhaps
someone would know how to accoplish this?

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