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Possibly there are a bug in dnsmxlookup().

If we entered so called ADDITIONAL SECTION (near mxverify.c:260), we can 
have not nul mxs[n].type value in switch in scanning MXes section (near 
mxverify.c:381). In case of value 1 or 3 in mxs[n].type and no ipv6 
support we are "continue" (near mxverify.c:393) skipping accepting 
section (near mxverify.c:473) of this MX.

It causes spirituous temporary and permanent DNS policy analisys errors 
for clients.

I can wrong with place of bug, but we experience unexisting DNS errors 
detection with new zmailer around dnsmxlookup().

virtan / software developer / virtan@yandex-team.ru // BSrLblbG
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