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Re: spf localpolicy patch

Matti Aarnio wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 07:24:57PM +0400, Igor Milyakov wrote:
>>The following patch for 2.99.57.pre3 version does:
>>1. adds spf local policy parameter passing from smtpserver.conf to libspf2
>>2. adds spf use_default_whitelist parameter passing (same direction)
>>3. prevents libspf2 handle to be recreated on each message
>>4. changes smtpserver config parser to be able to parse strings with spaces (quoted parameters)
>>5. improves work with HAVE_LIBSPF like definitions
>>6. fixes some bug(s?)
> Could Eugene Crosser say his verdict on this ?
> How about providing also relevant text to man/smtpserver.8.in ?

Here it goes...

--- ../source.cvs/man/smtpserver.8.in   Sun Jul 11 03:43:32 2004
+++ ./man/smtpserver.8.in       Mon Jul 26 15:32:31 2004
@@ -764,6 +764,18 @@
  See http://spf.pobox.com/ for explanation of SPF.
+.IP "PARAM spf-localpolicy local_policy"
+Specify local policy for SPF check.
+See http://libspf2.org/docs/api.html#SPF_compile_local_policy for local policy explanation.
+Note: if your local policy contains space(s) quote it using single (') or double (") quote pair.
+.IP "PARAM spf-whitelist-use-default true|false"
+Use (true) or not use (false) default globally maintained whitelist of known trusted email forwarders.
  .IP "PARAM report-auth-file ${MAILSHARE}/scheduler.auth"
  If exists, is used to authenticate a set of interactive report

> ...
>>virtan / software developer / virtan@yandex-team.ru // BSrLblbG

virtan / software developer / virtan@yandex-team.ru // BSrLblbG
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