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Re: Greylisting (again)?

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 12:40:12AM +0200, Mike Acar wrote:
> Hi,
> A friend of mine reports great success with greylisting and I see there
> was some discussion of it around February, but no conclusion or ideas on
> how to implement it with zmailer.
> What's the status now? Any ideas?

Implementing it in the smtpserver is trivialish affair, but it has
radical adverserial effects in the outgoing queue processing.

The scheduler/smtp-ta interaction is such that when something
retries in the outgoing smtp protocol, the whole target queue
retries.  This gets a bit more complicated, when the queue
has more than 2 messages.  IF the first one goes thru, then
a batch of messages up to "over-feed" limit will be queued
to the transport agent, BUT if the first one retries, then
no further messages are queued at that time, and entire target
queue retries.

The "target queue" means messages in queue to e.g.   smtp/example.com
target, NOT all messages in the system.

Changing the queue logic in the scheduler might make the grey-list
thing workable with ZMailer,  but I have no good ideas of what that
logic should be.

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