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Bugs in CVS from 07.07.2004

Hello !

I get small bug in zmailer from 07.07.2004 cvs

1. smtpserver/subdaemons.c - very bad

2. include/libsh.h

--- libsh.h	Wed Jul  7 19:20:06 2004
+++ libsh.h.b	Wed Jul  7 19:20:06 2004
@@ -109,7 +109,6 @@
 extern const char * traps[];
 extern RETSIGTYPE (*orig_handler[]) __((int));
 extern void trapsnap __((void));
-extern void traphup __((int));
 extern void trap_handler __((int));
 extern int eval __((const char *script, const char *scriptname, const char *savefil, const struct stat *));
 #ifdef S_IFMT

Bye, bye !

Igor S Chencov
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