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while on the topic of SMTP AUTH policy

while on the topic of SMTP AUTH policy...

I've configured a server only for authenticated mail relaying with SMTP 

That is, the server's only job is accepting local users mail (after 
authentication) and relaying it outside... even if it's for our own local 
domain, it will go via MX (to our MX server) relayed from this server.

The problem I have is that, when a user is authenticated, he is able to 
use whatever mail from domain he wants... even if it doesn't exist in 

How can I prevent this? That is, how can I force dns verification even 
for authenticated connections?

Relevant settings of smtpserver.conf are:

PARAM  smtp-auth
PARAM  AUTH-LOGIN-also-without-TLS
PARAM rcvd-auth-user

SMTPOPTIONS is '-sve -s sloppy -l ${LOGDIR}/smtpserver'
(bloody Outlook Express 'MAIL FROM: <').

smtp-policy.mx and smtp-policy.relay are empty.

I'm using the standard smtp-policy.src (zmailer 2.99.56 from CVS 2004-03-
12, that is, _before_ latest policy management changes).


Mariano Absatz
El Baby
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      -- Groucho Marx

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