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Problems with Mailman and Zmailer


Two days ago I finally got the opportunity to upgrade to zmailer 
2.99.56. I am very happy to have the policy database working correctly 
now. There were a couple of bumps that I have been able to fix, but 
there is one major one that is still not working. I hope that someone 
out there has seen this problem or knows what I am overlooking.

Currently my mailman lists are totally down. I have not been able to 
get them running for the life of me. Here's what I know:

The aliases seem to be expanding correctly as shown here.

%> ../bin/router -i
ZMailer router (2.99.56 #4: Sat Apr 17 21:44:57 EDT 2004)
Copyright 1992 Rayan S. Zachariassen
Copyright 1992-2003 Matti Aarnio
Configured with command: 'CC='gcc -Wall' CFLAGS='-O' ./configure 
'--prefix=/local/zmailer' '--sysconfdir=/etc' 
'--mandir=/local/zmailer/man' '--with-mailbox=/var/spool/mail' 
'--with-gcc' '--with-zconfig=/local/zmailer/zmailer.conf' 
'--with-logdir=/var/log/mail' '--enable-ldap' 'CFLAGS=-O''

z$ router kayak-owner@moac.org
<hickey.interactive@>: address: kayak-owner@moac.org
(((local pipe.moac-kayak '|/local/mailman/mail/mailman owner 
moac-kayak' g0)))

In addition, the transfer agent seems to be fine (at least as far as 
getting the proper information). The following is a message coming in 
and being directed to the mailman software.

<A84B6C00-9230-11D8-A998-000A95AF6800@kernelrom.com>: -1 + 814 : 
/mail/mailman owner moac-kayak (pid 18777 user 
"|/local/mailman/mail/mailman own
er moac-kayak")

As part of trying to track this down, I have replaced the mailman 
wrapper with a perl script to gather some information about the 
environment. The following is the output from the script for the same 
message listed in the above log entry.

Real UID: 0
Real GID: 0
Eff  UID: 0
Eff  GID: 502
Cmd line args: $VAR1 = [];
Current env: $VAR1 = {
           'MAILSHARE' => '/local/zmailer',
           'SHELL' => '/bin/sh',
           'SENDER' => 'Gerard.Hickey@nsc.com',
           'USER' => 'root',
           'NOTIFY' => 'DELAY,FAILURE',
           'MSGSPOOLID' => 'S24523AbUDSSqU',
           'ORCPT' => 'rfc822;kayak-owner@moac.org',
           'INRCPT' => 'rfc822;kayak-owner@moac.org',
           'INFROM' => 'rfc822;Gerard.Hickey@nsc.com',
           'MAILBIN' => '/local/zmailer/bin',
           'ZCONFIG' => '/local/zmailer/zmailer.conf',
           'IFS' => '
           'UID' => '0',
           'MESSAGEID' => '24523',
           'PATH' => '/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/ucb',
           'HOME' => '/root'

Message follows:

OK, now the puzzling part. From my understanding, the shell environment 
looks good, but there are not any command line parameters nor is there 
any stdin (which should have appeared under the row of dashes). So what 
happened to "owner moac-kayak" on the command line? And where is the 

As a result of the upgrade on Saturday, I ended up deleting all of the 
files in the cf directory. I was caught by the bug where listaddress 
was stopping the router. After getting the latest copy of the cf 
scripts from the 2.99.56 source, I added my changes back into 
aliases.cf for the mailman integration. I have attached a copy of that 
file and my changes are about line 410.


I can not see anything there that would cause problems. It seems to me 
that the problem is in the mailbox transfer agent, but I can not get 
any further than this. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there something 
that has changed that I am overlooking?

Gerard Hickey <hickey@kernelrom.com> / Jabber: