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What is "pipe prediction wrong"? (router hangs)


at my ZMailer installation at work, I just ran into a strange

The router seems to hang on anything that is in the aliases
file (for example "root") or any user that has a .forward
file. Email addresses with FQDN's don't hang the router, so
only locally generated mail (e.g., those from cron) would
hang the router, it seems.

z# router a
<acli.interactive@>: address: a
(((local a a@XXXXXX default_attributes)))
z# router foo
<acli.interactive@>: address: foo
(((local foo foo@XXXXXX default_attributes)))
z# router root
<acli.interactive@>: address: root
router: pipe prediction wrong: got 8|6 not 9|8

<The router hangs at this point>

This causes processing of incoming mail to periodically
suddenly stop because of cron jobs, and there is little I can
do to make the mail flow again except to rm all the mails
generated locally, and then restart the router.

This is ZMailer 2.99.56. DBTYPE is btree, but it makes no
difference if I change it to gdbm. I also tried to rm all
the *.fc files, but it also didn't make any difference.

What does "pipe prediction wrong" mean? Why does this hang
the router?

This is Linux 2.2.25, and ZMailer has been running without
a problem (mostly) until yesterday.

Thanks very much in advance.

Best regards,
Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <a.c.li@ieee.org>

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