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Open relay issue.

Policy problem.
I have a following settings in my .../zmailer/db/smtp-policy.src file:

#| Built-in Policies
[]/32  fulltrustnet +  relaycustnet +
.       relaycustnet -

#| Allow delivery to all local names
test41  relaytarget +

#| Source Policy Entries
[]/0     relaycustnet -

#| Sender Policy Entries
.       rejectsource -
hotmail.com     rejectsource +

#| Recipient Policy Entries
.       relaytarget -

So, all mail should be rejected because all recipients have  " relaytarget - " attribute, and this is true except for mail destined to anybody@hotmail.com. At this point I am not sure whether this is the bug with zmailer policytest.c program or it is simple miss configuration. I have been looking at the policytest.c source and I see that in the pt_rcptto function hotmail.com domain is being selected and it's attribute "rejectsource + " skipped, which is make sense. Is it supposed even to look at the sender policy domain elements, while processing recipients?    
Can any body tell me whether this is miss configuration or a bug?


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