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Re: Own db of blocked IPs

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 23:41, Marek Kowal wrote:

> I have an external DB of the IPs to be blocked. It is very dynamic (up to
> 100 new entries per minute) and centralized - many servers should use it. So
> the standard Zmailer mechanisms of static blocked IPs are - I guess - no
> good to me. I am running out of time, so please, help me with the following:
> where in the smtpserver should I implement my lookup so that I can discard
> the connection in either of the places:
>  - in main smtpserver process, after accept() and before the fork
>  - in the child smtpserver process
> Please, help me if you can (and I know you do!) ;-) In the meantime I am
> digging through the sources myself.

I'd suggest making a DNSBL frontend for your database.  This way,
(almost) any MTA would be able to use it without any modifications.


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