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Re: Question on SleepyCat

--On Monday, January 26, 2004 05:43:18 PM -0300 zmailer 
<zmailer@lists.com.ar> wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to know if zmailer-2.99.56 supports version BerkeleyDB.4.2 of
> SleepyCat.
> I'm having the following error during compilation:
> gcc -g -O2 -I/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2/include/ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
> -I./../include -I../include -I.. -I../router  -c sleepycatdb.c
> sleepycatdb.c: In function `zsleepyprivateopen':
> sleepycatdb.c:303: warning: passing arg 2 of pointer to function from
> incompatible pointer type
> sleepycatdb.c:303: incompatible type for argument 4 of indirect function
> call
> sleepycatdb.c:303: too few arguments to function
> make[2]: *** [sleepycatdb.o] Error 1
> make[2]: Leaving directory
> `/home/pert/software/zmailer-2.99.56-patch1pre-cvs20031130/lib'
> and I would like to discard possible incompatibilities.
> Thanks,
> Marķa

Hello Maria....

I just ran into this myself while recompiling 2.99.56. I now have db 4.2 
where as previously I did not.

The problem is that the define (about line 302) specifically looks for db 
4.1, thus the db 4.2 fails the test and the old calling convention for the 
open call is used. Of course the old calling convention does not work on db 
4.2! Just an unintentional bug in the zmailer source.

What I did as a quick fix around the problem was to edit the sleepycatdb.c 
file and remove the second half of the #IFDEF so that the minor version is 
not checked at all. Doing this means that zmailer will compile correctly 
for db 4.1 and 4.2 but fail when using db 4.0 (at least with the modified 

I beleive that there were two occurances of this in sleepycatdb.c and 
another two in another source file (I don't remember which one, but you 
will find it real fast when you recompile).

That should get you going.....

Have fun....
Gerard Hickey <hickey@kernelrom.com>/Jabber: unixgeek@jabber.kernelrom.com
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