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scheduler performance


I have got a problem with scheduler performance. I am runnig version 
2.99.55. I use zmailer on gateway which relays to next TA in 
organisation. Problem is that big traffic causes big amount
of files in queue directory. Exactly:

Router saves files into 'flat' queue, then scheduler moves
that files into tree (hash) directory structure.
But, there is a 'traffic jam' in the 'flat queue',
after restarting zmailer, this files are moved correctly
to structure, after several minutes, count of files in 'flat'
queue rapidly grows up. (to many thousands (50 - 80)
The question is: WHY? Why scheduler don't moves
them regularry into structure. How to inrease speed of moving?
How scheduler exactly works - does he prefer scanning of mails in 
structure before that ones in flat queue?)
(I have to say that server is under heavy traffic (15 - 20 incoming
messages per second..)

Thank you in advance for any ideas.
PS: I read something about "timeserver" in scheduler, but
  it seems, that it is not this case, scheduler is delivering,
  just scannig of queue directory is too slow...
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