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Re: config files & bdb's in nfs

I think that the general solution is to update ZMailer so it has better
support for LDAP, rather then try to use any of the advanced features
of, ie sleepycat db. Ive been told that a lot of the router scripts
would have to be rewritten to work reliably with LDAP (out of band error
reporting (?)).. Also, zmailers LDAP db backend isnt very fault
tolerant; it doesn't support multiple server for example, and thus wont
fall-over, and is rather stupid about reties.

Ive been meaning to try and use the lak.c/h from cyrus-sasl as a
framework for a new ldap db module. Ideally that should remain
untouched, but it might not be generic enough to do that. My problem
with doing so are a) it would be my first >5 line C work, b) my site has
LDAP-phobia (meaning my only reason to do the work is boredom...) and c)
the router scripts might need (complete) rewriting for any low level
hacking to be useful.

I dont know if any reply would change anything, but would there be a)
interest in rebulding/modernizing ZMailer's LDAP support? and b) any
offers to help me with it?

On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 19:20, Matti Aarnio wrote: 
> One way is to use some well known remote databases, like LDAP.
> (Although that has its limits, too..)
> Another approach with SleepyCat DB is to use its RPC support, although
> that support isn't coded into present btree/bhash codes.
> (Into  lib/sleepycatdb.c  to be exact...)
> Related thing with SleepyCat is rather recent addition, but which
> I do consider best approach:
>    http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/rep/intro.html#2
> but that isn't supported in ZMailer either..  Could a SleepyCat 
> replication utility be written, and included into ZMailer ?
> Oh yes!

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