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smtp segfaulting

... at transports/smtp/getmxrr.c line 792:

	*cp++ = *fmt;

apparently the problem is around the line 749.  SS->remotemsg is
non-zero.  But all entries in SS->remotemsgs[] array are nulls. 
Probably this block never sets the pointers:

        if (SS->prevcmdstate >= SMTPSTATE99) /* magic limit.. */
          SS->remotemsgs[(int)SS->cmdstate] = cp = SS->remotemsg;
        if (SS->cmdstate > SS->prevcmdstate)
          SS->remotemsgs[(int)SS->cmdstate] = cp;

nevertheless in the next lines

        if (!append)
          cp = SS->remotemsgs[(int)SS->cmdstate];

and voila!  cp is null.


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