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Re: rejecting unknown users

At 08:52 10.11.2003, you wrote:
> > I'm running zmailer-2.99.51_1 on FreeBSD 4.9-REL.
> >From the transcript below I see that you are running with interactive
>router enabled.
>Now the "unknown user" behaviour depends on what router does.
>I am not exactly sure, but at that version there is probably following
>in the end of router's  aliases.cf  script:

Also 2.99.51 is old. Latest release works great on FreeBSD. I have no 
problem with rejecting unknown users:

PARAM  enable-router

# HELO/EHLO-pattern     style-flags (Remember: 'ftve' set needs enable-router!)
#               [max loadavg]
localhost           999 ftveR

# If the host presents itself as:  HELO [], be lenient to it..
# The syntax below is due to these patterns being SH-GLOB style patterns
# where the brackets are special characters.
\[*\]               999 ve
# Per default demant strict syntactic adherence, including fully
# qualified addresses for  MAIL FROM, and RCPT TO.  To be lenient
# on that detail, remove the "R" from "veR" string below:
*                   999 ftveR



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