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Re: rejecting unknown users

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 01:38, Rik van Riel wrote:

> > I'm freshmen with zmailer and em annoyed with the fact, that I just
> > can't figure out how to reject mail for unknown users.
> This is a big issue.  I really need to get this up and
> running because with all the forged spam and virusses
> being sent around it is simply irresponsible to accept
> all mail and bounce the nondeliverables...

There was a discussion on this list regarding this issue.  The right
solution seems to be to run router in the course of SMTP session, and
replace DSN generation by SMTP responses where appropriate.  There are
some ideas on how to implement that, but my timeschedule is tight...

If you are willing to put your hands on it, the idea was as this:

1. make the router listen on a unix domain socket, and pass accepted
requests to children
2. make smtpserver pass the name of freshly received message in the
queue over this socket, much like it does with contentfilter now.
3. router processes the queue file, and either moves it to the scheduler
queue and returns "250" message to the smtpserver, or discards the file
and returns "4xx" or "5xx" message to the smtpserver.

Additional benefit of this approach is elimination of a couple of
expensive rename() filesystem operations.


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