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hotmail problem... again :-(


I'm running  2.99.56-pre9 taken from CVS on September 3.

A customer showed to me a bounce (alas, on paper) generated by thiz zmailer 
which was rather weird.

It was a failure report "Returned mail: see the transcript [FAILED(1)]"

However, the Status was "2.0.0" (OK, IIRC) and the Diagnostic-Code was "250 

I don't understand why it is reporting a failure with "OK" status & 
diagnostic codes...

I'll transcribe below excerpts of the bounce mail (by hand) :-(
I'm attaching the smtp log.

If I understand correctly, zmailer issues a EHLO, hotmail's exchange says it 
supports PIPELINING, 8bitmime, etc.

In log line 12092C031-0344-1804#, zmailer starts processing this job.

It sends MAIL From:, RCPT To:, BDAT and RSET (using pipelining) and on line 
12092C031-0350-1804# it discovers remote hung up, and just below, says: 
"smtp_sync() did yield code 75/TEMPFAIL".

After that, it tries to reconnect (successfully) but sends another message... 

I understand (from log line 12092C031-0351-1804#) that it is a temporary 
failure, why, then, zmailer is issuing the failure report and not retrying? 
And anyway, shouldn't the report say something about remote server hunging up 
on us?

The message, in fact, was actually bounced and didn't reach the recipient.

After seeing this, I added a "-P -77" (would "-P" only suffice?) to the 
relevant channel/host in scheduler.conf, however, this is not what was 
usually happening with exchanges... IIRC, messages were kept in the scheduler 

==================BOUNCE MESSAGE==========================
  Arrived Recipient:
  Original Recipient:
  Final Recipient:
Remote MTA:
    dns; mx4.hotmail.com (|25||37774)
Last Attempt Date:
    Tue, 7 Oct 2003 11:01:13 -0300
Diagnostic Code:
    smtp; 250  (OK)
Control data:
    smtp hotmail.com XXXX@hotmail.com 99
Diagnostic texts:
    <<- EHLO myhost.example.com
   ->> 250-mc12-f32.hotmail.com ( Hello []
   ->> 250-SIZE 35840000
   ->> 250-PIPELINING
   ->> 250-8bitmime
   ->> 250-BINARYMIME
   ->> 250-CHUNKING
   ->> 250-VRFY
   ->> 250-AUTH LOGIN
   ->> 250-AUTH=LOGIN
   ->> 250-X-HMAUTH
   ->> 250 OK

Following is a copy...

Reporting-MTA: dns; myhost.example.com
Arrival-Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 11:01:06 -0300
Local-Spool-ID: S1563667AbTJGOBG

Original-Recipient: rfc822;XXXX@hotmail.com
Final-Recipient: RFC822;XXXX@hotmail.com
Action failed
Status: 2.0.0
Remote-MTA: dns; mx4.hotmail.com (|25||37774)
Last Attempt Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 11:01:13 -0300
Diagnostic Code: smtp; 250  (OK)

Following is copy of the message headers...
==================BOUNCE MESSAGE==========================
Mariano Absatz
El Baby
Ambivalent? Well, yes and no.