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improper restart after RSET?

This is current CVS Zmailer talking to Zmailer that is 2-3 months old:

025196245-0011-0069#    jobspec: S/L/274259-2496        online.ru
025196245-0012-0069#    274259-2496: <1065444023.18906.54.camel@ariel.sovam.com>025196245-0013-0069w    MAIL From:<crosser@rol.ru>
025196245-0014-0069r    503 5.5.1 Waiting for HELO/EHLO command
025196245-0015-0069#     smtp_sync() did yield code 69/UNAVAILABLE
025196245-0016-0079w    RSET
025196245-0017-0079r    250 2.0.0 Reset processed, now waiting for MAIL command
025196245-0018-0079w    MAIL From:<crosser@rol.ru>
025196245-0019-0079r    503 5.5.1 Waiting for HELO/EHLO command
025196245-0020-0079#     smtp_sync() did yield code 69/UNAVAILABLE
025196245-0021-0089#    DIAG: C='smtp' H='online.ru' U='baumiko@online.ru' P='60001' ID=274259/156 L=0 -- stat='error2' notary='baumiko@online.ru^Afailed^A5.5.0^Asmtp; 503 (5.5.1 Waiting for HELO/EHLO command)^Adns; relay1.online.ru (|25||33980)^Asmtp[2519]' WTT='dns; relay1.online.ru'  MSG='^M<<- MAIL From:<crosser@rol.ru>^M->> 503 5.5.1 Waiting for HELO/EHLO command'

Apparently smtpserver wants EHLO after RSET, but smtp TA starts with
MAIL FROM.  I am not sure what would be the right thing...


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